Spice It Up!

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Spice it up!  One of the biggest myths about eating natural foods is they are bland. They do not have to be! All the salt and the artificial flavor in processed foods are so strong [...]

Letting Go and Holding On: Tips for Embracing a Positive Mindset

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Generating and maintaining more positive thoughts can have myriad benefits on your health. Positive thoughts help boost our moods and spirits, which can improve every aspect of your well-being. Conversely, negative thoughts can weigh heavy on our minds and hold us back, or drag us down. Embracing a positive mindset is a question of balance. What should you let go of, and what should you hold on to? 

Worried About Your Blood Sugar Levels? Here’s 5 Tips for Improving Your Insulin Sensitivity

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Insulin is a hormone that helps our bodies control their levels of blood sugar, which is essential in our daily functions. If your cells become resistant to insulin, it can lead to high blood sugar levels. High blood sugar triggers our pancreas to create more insulin. Improving your body's insulin sensitivity can help reduce its resistance, and reduce the risk of many diseases such as diabetes. Here are 5 natural methods for improving your insulin sensitivity. 

Your Immune System and Your Microbiome: What’s the Connection?

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To build or maintain our immune system's strength, we need to focus our energies on the body's powerhouse: its digestive system. Our digestive system is often referred to as the gut microbiome. So how can we help keep our gut microbiome healthy and strong? Here's a few tips you can refer to every day:

Thankful for Wellness: A Healthier Vegetable Side Dish Recipe

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to reflect on all the people and things for which we're so grateful. This year, why not practice gratitude for your own health by prioritizing it in your Thanksgiving meal? First up, here's the recipe for a healthier vegetable dish to serve as a side. 

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