Our brains are busy organisms. In fact, the average person has an estimated 70,000 thoughts each day.

When it comes to your thoughts, are they mostly positive, negative, or somewhere in the middle?

Generating and maintaining more positive thoughts can have myriad benefits on your health. Positive thoughts help boost our moods and spirits, which can improve every aspect of your well-being. Conversely, negative thoughts can weigh heavy on our minds and hold us back, or drag us down.

Embracing a positive mindset is a question of balance. What should you let go of, and what should you hold on to?

Let go of negative self-talk

Insulting or pitying yourself takes a toll on your health. Negative self-talk encourages our body to say “Cancel! No!” This denies us the capability for self-compassion, and growth.

Hold on to gratitude

Focus on what you do have today, instead of what you feel like you lack. Try keeping a daily gratitude journal to maintain your positive perspective.

Let go of limiting beliefs

When we think, “I can’t do that,” we’re less likely to try. Don’t assume the worst or the least from yourself, and instead try to uplift yourself through supporting thinking.

Hold on to your energy and purpose

Believing in yourself and your capabilities is different from bragging. Keep your own strengths in mind, and walk through the world with your head held high. Your posture can impact your mood—make sure it’s a positive impact by standing tall and smiling.

Let go of comparison

It’s often been said that comparison is the thief of joy. When we spend all our time comparing who we are and what we have to others, we not only diminish ourselves but we diminish our ability to feel joy and admiration for others. It’s important to distinguish between our admiration for others, and our inclination to self-judge.

Hold on to uplifting people

If you’re surrounded by negative people, you’re probably one of them. Instead, find and embrace the friends and family who vibrate on a positive frequency to make you feel encouraged and inspired.

Let go of resisting progress

Making a change is difficult, and often we simply tell ourselves we aren’t capable of making progress. If you want to make a big change to your life, encourage yourself to believe that you can by making small changes consistently. They will add up to transform your life.

Hold on to quiet time

It’s hard to reflect and make changes if you’re surrounded by noise and activity. Take some time regularly to meditate and think quietly with yourself. With a clearer mind, you’ll feel your physical tensions melting away.

Let go of your ego

Being right feels good. Being happy feels better. Make room for happiness in the spaces your ego might be taking up.

Hold on to good deeds

It feels good to do nice things for yourself sometimes, but it feels better to do nice things for others. Practice acts of kindness and notice the positive impact on your mood and energy.