Keeping a journal is an intimidating task. To some, it feels like something only a writer would do while sitting at a desk, bathed in candlelight, documenting their deepest and most thought-provoking revelations. To some, keeping a journal is something they did as a wistful child or an angst-filled teenager but have now abandoned as an adult.

Writing your thoughts down can be a powerful daily habit, though. As we bear through these strange and sometimes difficult times we live in, it could be more helpful than ever to spend some time with your own thoughts each day.

A great way to accomplish this easily is by keeping a gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal helps you keep track of what you’re grateful for. It’s that simple! By making note of what you’re thankful for each day, you can cultivate good feelings and maybe cleanse yourself of the negative ones.

Your daily gratitudes don’t need to be enormous or monumental in their scope. On the contrary, a gratitude journal is an ideal way to reflect on the simple or small things that keep you going each day.

Here are a few examples of things you could write down in a gratitude journal:

  • A beautiful breeze on a sunny day
  • The works of your favorite author
  • A simple cup of matcha tea
  • The grocery delivery order showing up right on time
  • A sale on your favorite cookware brand
  • Facetimes with loved ones
  • Having the exactly correct amount of flour for a banana bread recipe
  • Your favorite movie being on TV when you settle in on the couch
  • The specific, lovely way your significant other smells
  • Cuddles with a beloved cat or dog
  • A good night’s sleep

These days, it’s easy for our thoughts to veer into anxieties or tension. A gratitude journal could be the key to helping you stay mindful and maintain a positive attitude.

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