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We start with you—your goals, your lifestyle, your needs.

You’re unique. When it comes to taking control of your personal health, you deserve a custom tailored plan. Your Align coach will be by your side to guide and support you, without criticism or judgment.

To be aligned, you have to be supported. That’s why we’re here. We meet you where you are and walk alongside you as you take the steps towards where you’re going.

Transformations happen when lifestyle adjustments are healthy, positive, realistic, and achievable. A better, more aligned lifestyle is possible for everyone.

Gail Turner‑Cooper


What started for me as an interest in wellness quickly turned into a passion for helping others. Just like anyone else, I didn’t always live the healthiest lifestyle but I began making better choices to keep my mind, body, and heart in balance. I soon realized that I could help other people experience that kind of transformation.

I approach everything with optimism and mindfulness. Health starts with the choices we make, and when we are making mindful choices to bring ourselves joy, the pieces can start falling to place. With a balance of food, exercise, and meditation, you can start living your healthiest, happiest life.

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What We Do

Your Align Health Coach will guide and inspire you to healthier habits by making small, sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle. We take the time to truly understand you, and any modifications you might need, so that together we can find long-term success.

Let’s remove the mystery around food. We’ll come up with a plan for grocery shopping, meal prepping, cooking, and more to help you make mindful and satisfying eating decisions.

From sleep hygiene to financial literacy, your daily life choices affect your long-term health. I will work with you to build a sustainable, joy-filled life.

From breathing exercises to meditation, we will incorporate stillness and mindfulness into your daily routine. By making “me time” a priority, you can find more fulfillment in your everyday life.

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