While gyms and workout boutiques still don’t feel safe for many of us, it’s still crucial to keep up physical activity and fitness routines. Just because we can’t check-in to the gym, though, doesn’t mean we can’t check-in to our bodies. Here’s a few ways to stay active even during these difficult times.

  1. Find an outdoor workout classMany gyms and workout classes are hosting outdoor classes in parks to give their customers a safe (and fun) way to practice. Check in with your favorite gyms, studios, and instructors on social media to see if any are hosting socially distanced sessions in parks near you.
  2. Get your YouTube onYouTube isn’t just for beauty tutorials and slime videos. It’s a treasure trove of workout classes, and you can find all of them for free anytime. Whether you’re into pilates, yoga, kickboxing, or any other style of fitness, you can find an instructor you’re into on YouTube and start practicing again at home.
  3. Get some home equipmentHome gyms have never been hotter. From exercise bikes to treadmills, fitness equipment is flying off the shelves. If you’ve always considered investing in one of your own, now is the time (especially ahead of cooling temperatures when running outside might prove too harsh).
  4. Start your own backyard gymIf you have a workout buddy or two, why not start your own studio? Invite a few friends over to watch a YouTube fitness class together, or to just do a routine you know and love. Be each other’s accountability buddies, and then maybe celebrate afterwards with a light (socially distanced) brunch!
  5. Explore the outdoors There’s never been a better time to become an outdoorsy person. With your risk of COVID transmission remarkably lower outdoors, it’s a fantastic idea to head to the hills for hikes, bike rides, lake swims, or more. Check the websites for your local parks to see how they’re handling social distancing rules.