Now that most Americans are a few weeks into the idea of “social distancing,” a lot of us are asking the same questions:

  • How many groceries is the right amount of groceries for a few weeks?
  • What are most people doing all day?
  • Is everyone else snacking all day or is that just me?

A global pandemic is an unprecedented situation, and everyone will react to it differently. Some people want to read the news ten times a day and some people want to tune it out completely. Some will work through their stress with twice-a-day at home crossfit sessions and some will just… sleep a lot. As long as you’re staying home and taking care of the people in your life, there’s not really a wrong way to do social distancing.

But there are definitely ways that are healthier than others.

Since it looks like we could be homebound for another few weeks at least, here’s a few healthy habits to start practicing now. After all, when a lack of healthcare resources is at the top of every headline, it’s a good time to take care of yourself as much as you can!

  1. Find a bedtime routine that’s right for youIf you’re not getting enough quality rest these days, consider revamping the way you go to bed. Rethink your sleep hygiene habits and make sure you’re taking the simple steps necessary to remedy poor sleep patterns.
  2. Spend less time with screens

    When home becomes work, school, and more, screentime can be a natural way to spend the time. However, we know from research and experience that the more time we spend in front of blue-light screens, the more our brains suffer. Pivot to spending more time outside if you can, or participating in screen-free activities like board games, books, or puzzles.

  3. Keep your house clean, in a clean way

    Thanks to the ever-present reminders of germs all around us and the extra time on our hands, now’s a good time to keep your home clean. When you’re in cleaning-mode though, make sure your cleaning products themselves aren’t harming you. Practice a clean cleaning routine with the right products and guidelines.

  4. Get a little more into self-care

    Whether it’s giving yourself a face massage or just painting your own nails, now’s a great time to spend a few hours on yourself. Practice intentional self-care so you can stay in tune with your body, and start feeling better than ever before.