As summer weather wanes and fall comes round the corner, one thing seems to on everyone’s mind: the holidays are near. As the busy holiday season approaches, so does the travel that comes with it.

Holiday traveling can mean many joyful things. Seeing distant family, old friends, and of course, all of those beloved mealtime traditions. However, it can also pose a threat to all the health gains you’ve made in the past year. Stick to these pointers to avoid veering too far off the path you’ve made for yourself during the next few months.

  1. Try to stick (as much as you can) to your same normal health routineFor example, if you eat your meals at a certain time each day, try to do the thing while traveling. Follow similar bedtime and morning routines wherever you’re staying, even if it means bringing your own pillow with you on the road because you know you can’t get those Zzz’s without it. No shame.
  2. Drink plenty of waterThis one always holds true. Traveling takes a lot out of a person and stresses out the immune system. Staying hydrated will keep you strong and healthy, as well as less stressed and bloated.
  3. Get your exercise in wherever you canIf you’re a regular gym-goer, your fitness might get severely interrupted during holiday travels and family visits. However, think of it as an opportunity to switch up your routine! Walking around the neighborhood or exploring local parks is a great way to stay active. Not to mention—if your family has small kids around, you won’t have a hard time staying active. Pack sneakers and find ways to stay on your feet. Wherever you are, just keep moving!
  4. Prepare your snacks ahead of timeWhether you’re traveling by car or plane, the food available in transit is never the stuff your body really  needs. Pack some fruits, chopped veggies, crackers or nuts in to-go containers or small bags to have ready on-the-go to avoid the temptation of those airport or gas station snacks.
  5. Don’t forget your supplementsBoost up on your Vitamin C and remember a quality probiotic. Keep in mind the temperature if you’re traveling in hot locales may require you to keep supplements on your person rather than in a checked bag.
  6. Keep your immune system in mindPack a healthy sanitizer, like doTERRA On Guard to minimize the effects of seasonal threats. Rub in a drop on your palms when you feel like your immune system might need a little  boost.
  7. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!The holidays are a time for fun with family and friends, but they’re also a time for relaxing and catching up on sleep. Try to get 8 hours of shut eye for restoration and immune support each night, and maybe even let yourself sneak a nap in every now and then if you have time off work. It may be hard to sleep in an unfamiliar bed, so try the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Your body, and immune system, will thank you.
  8. Have funIt’s the holiday season after all! Go easy on yourself, enjoy your time off and quality time with loved ones, and take advantage of the season’s offerings. With a little bit of moderation on your side, you’ll get through the season but in the end you can’t judge yourself for decisions you make. You can only make better decisions moving forward.

    There’s always New Year’s resolutions, after all.