When you think of facials or massages, you might think of two very luxurious and expensive spa treatments.

facial massage, however, is something you can give yourself in the comfort of your own home at no cost at all. That’s right. Free.99!

What is a facial massage though?

Well, it can be a few things. Namely, it describes the practice of using your hands or a massaging tool to work the muscles in your face and release tensions. The same way a massage on your neck or back kneads at muscles to relieve tensions, a facial massage can do the same for tensions in the face.

Many of us carry tensions in our faces, whether we realize it or not. The most common areas for tension are up in the temples of the forehead or in our jaws. Teeth-grinders especially will experience this jaw tension and benefit from facial massage.

Much like dry brushing, facial massage can stimulate lymphatic drainage in the face. It’s like a little workout for your money-maker. Stimulating your blood flow will increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients in your face and throughout your head and neck as well, which could result in less head and neck pain.

Draining your lymph nodes will also aid in nasal drainage, especially assisting those of us suffering from sinus or allergy pain. The warmth and movement of facial massage can help break up mucus in the nasal area. Whether it’s allergies or the onset of a cold, facial massage could be the ticket to health you’re looking for.

And of course, because we’re talking about your face, there are some beautifying side effects to a facial massage as well…

  • Depuff your face

    Whether your diet has your face feeling puffy or it’s just the Georgia heat, a few minutes of massage will temper that right down.

  • Fight acne

    Increasing blood flow isn’t just good for pain relief, it’s great for your skin as well! Increased oxygen and nutrients means healthier, more blemish-free skin.

  • Prevent wrinkles

    Facial massages help fight the effects of stress on the skin. A major effect of stress on the skin is wrinkles!

  • Improve elasticity

    Regular massaging will smooth your complexion and increase the elasticity of your skin. With tighter skin, you’ll be safer from toxins and free radicals too.

  • Reduce undereye bags

    Dark or puffy undereye bags are often formed by water retention in the face. Facial massage will help drain that water, while fighting the stress that can lead to it. Win-win!


Looking to step up your facial massage game? Invest in a jade roller or gua sha and gently roll it across your face in small circles several times per week.