By now, most of us have seen or heard of the hit Netflix show, “Tidying Up,” starring Marie Kondo. Kondo’s an expert in tidying up, or taking the parts of our homes we’ve tried to ignore and shining a light on them. With that light, she teaches us to take value in our belongings- whether that means keeping them or thanking them for their purpose before letting them go.

Kondo’s not just a neat freak – cleaning your home has myriad benefits for your physical health. When you feel like things are “off” with your health, consider giving your living space a deep clean. Here are just a few ways it could make your body feel better today.

  1. Alleviate stress

    A cluttered house homes a cluttered mind. By clearing some of your physical junk, you can clear some of that junk inside your brain too. Take an emotional load off with a few loads of laundry.

  2. Rid yourself of dust and allergens

    Dust allergies are common, and sometimes it feels inevitable that you’ll encounter it. With regular cleaning though, you can keep most of the dust at bay. If your home has accumulated a bit of dust, consider wearing a paper mask over your mouth and nose while you clean too avoid inhaling the allergen.

  3. It’s a form of exercise!

    Cleaning is basically cardio, if you think about it. Getting up and spending two or three hours cleaning will do much more for your physical health than sitting around thinking about cleaning.

  4. Your sleep will improve

    Having a tidy home is part of healthy sleep hygiene. Because a messy house causes stress, that stress can keep you up at night. Keep your space clean and neat and catch those precious Z’s tonight.