It happens to all of us: that post-meal bloat. Whether it’s after a holiday meal or just a particularly indulgent solo dinner, feeling too full after eating is common.

But sometimes bloating lasts longer than just that after-dinner hour. When bloating becomes a recurring problem, it can be a sign you’re eating foods that irritate your gut or not eating enough of foods that help. Introducing these three foods into your diet this week could help assuage some of that bloat pain.

  1. Ginger

    What can’t ginger do?? It’s an amazing, all-purpose spice. It’s an anti-inflammatory, so it can do a lot to help with bloating and gas. Because of it’s digestive properties, it helps you break down proteins and digest your food better. Make a hot cup of ginger tea after dinner and start feeling better now.

  2. Bananas

    Potassium acts as a natural counter-ingredient to sodium, which is the pesky ingredient that makes your body retain water. Potassium-rich foods, like delicious bananas, can help flush out salt and water and reduce that bloat feeling.

    Bananas are, however, relatively high in sugar so don’t start eating nothing but bananas.

  3. Avocado

    Avocados are another source of potassium, as well as anti-oxidants. This helps with digestion, and helps your gut work more efficiently, so you can take that bloating down a notch. Avocados are incredibly nutrient dense, so introducing them into your diet is a great way to feel full faster without filling your body with emptier carbs or sugars.