We all know that exercising regularly is crucial to our health, not to mention achieving any weight loss goals we might be reaching for. Exercise helps maintain weight, regulate blood pressure, and keep your heart healthy.

However, sometimes finding time to workout can feel difficult. With our busy schedules and packed weeknights, prioritizing gym time can feel like it’s out of the question. On top of that, gym memberships are sometimes expensive and often the gym you like most might require a commute just to get there!

There are many ways, though, you can work activity into your daily life without going out of your way or adding extra stress to your days. Here’s 10 ideas to get your butt in gear and back on track.

  1. Get there by walking instead of driving

    If you routinely make trips of less than 1 mile in your car, consider going by foot next time instead. With temperatures cooling down, now is the perfect time to incorporate walking into your routine. Get those steps in!

  2. Play with your kids or pets

    If you’re lucky enough to have little ones or furry ones in your life, you know they have a lot of energy! Take some time to play with them for 30-60 minutes. You’ll burn calories just from laughing, too!

  3. Go for a weekend hike instead of a long brunch

    The siren call of brunch food is hard to resist, but the fact is that most brunch menus are anything but healthy. Instead of catching up with a friend over pancakes and mimosas, consider getting together for a nice hike on one of Georgia’s many beautiful hiking trails! With healthy snacks and plenty of water, you’ll set yourself up for success.

  4. Invest in a standing desk

    Most of us aren’t sitting up as straight as we should at our desks. It’s easy to hunch over or slouch all day, resulting in aches, pains, and not looking our best. A standing desk is a great way to improve posture as well as blood pressure. As you stand, you can also do simple leg lifts to get your blood pumping while you brainstorm!

  5. Go for a walking lunch or meeting

    When you’re with coworkers grabbing lunch or having a meeting, suggest that you do it while on the move instead of sitting around a table.

  6. Family dance party!

    Get the whole gang, or just some friends, together in the living room or kitchen for 30 minutes of aerobics disguised as a fun party. Play your favorite tunes and jump around for a while! Feel the burn, in a good way.

  7. Keep a workout mat in the living room

    When you keep a workout mat, or even exercise equipment, in family areas, you’ll be reminded to use them while doing things such as watching TV or movies. A low-key leg routine or lifting some lightweight free weights while you Netflix marathon will help you feel productive, even while you’re chilling.

  8. Go by bike

    If you already have a bike, try riding it to your favorite restaurant or coffeeshop instead of walking or driving. If you don’t have one, bike rental services are more accessible than ever. Try one today!