With cooler temperatures and changing leaves in sight, we all have our eyes on fall. It’s always been one of my favorite seasons. With fall comes a new bounty of fruits and vegetables, and with a new season comes new opportunity to rejuvenate ourselves.

As the seasons change, we have a chance to adopt new habits. Hopefully this fall will be a time when you can begin a new routine that brings you better health, solid mindfulness, and a sense of excitement for the rest of the year to come. Here are 5 things you can do now to make this transition into fall an easier, more sustainable one.

  1. Adopt sleep hygiene habits

    Are you still spending time with your screens before bed? When do you stop drinking caffeine each day? Does your fitful and restless sleep affect your daily life?

    Use this change of the seasons to tweak your bedtime habits, and start getting better rest now. Turn off the screens with plenty of time before sleep, find a bedtime routine that works for you, and rest well in a cool, clean space every night. Your body will thank you!

  2. Practice daily meditation

    Meditation has myriad benefits for both your physical and mental health. Finding and committing to a daily meditation habit can make day-to-day life simpler and more enjoyable. Take in the quiet, peaceful moments of autumn with a renewed dedication to stillness.

    With meditation in your skillset, you will improve your cognitive, physical, and emotional life.

  3. Upgrade your groceries

    Spending more money on groceries doesn’t always mean you’re getting a better product. Sometimes shopping is about shopping smarter, not shopping more. Though it is usually worth it to spring for organic when you can, sometimes just the location of your shopping can make all the difference.

    As you look around for seasonal produce this fall, consider making a switch from your mass-market grocery retailer to shopping at a local farmer’s market. You will find food produced with more thought and care, a more wholesome product, and not to mention, usually better prices too!

  4. Get a walking buddy

    Going for long walks is an incredible way to improve your health. Sometimes, though, finding the motivation can be tough. With the intense heat of summer finally dissipating though, fall is an appealing time to pick up a walking habit.

    This season, find an accountability buddy who will go on long, healthful walks with you. Whether you find a local track to do spins on, or trek your way through the city or on a local walking trail, going with a partner can make the entire experience more enjoyable for you both!

  5. Stretch it out

    With cooler weather, many of us start feeling familiar aches and pains in our joints or muscles. A powerful way to relieve that pain is through a daily stretching routine.

    Even if you don’t hit the gym that day, stretching your muscles regularly will not only alleviate tension and pain but will make your body stronger and more resilient over time.