During these warmer months, especially here in Georgia, the risk of dehydration is high. We’re all running around outside at barbecues and birthday parties, which means we’re sweating more than usual. On top of that, the beverages offered at summer gatherings tend to be, well, not water. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol can dehydrate you even more.

It’s important to find ways to stay hydrated throughout the day, even when you’re busy having a good time! Dehydration can cause issues with your skin, hair, and all your major organs, not to mention that it generally makes you feel like a weaker, less enjoyable version of yourself. The feeling of dehydration also feels quite a bit like hunger, so sometimes you might find yourself snacking or overeating when what your body actually wants is water, not food.

Here are 5 easy ways to stay hydrated throughout these hot summer months.

  1. Get a water bottle you love and carry it with you all the timeReusable water bottles are not only better for the environment than throwing away endless plastic bottles, they’re a great way to make staying hydrated fun and chic! Pick up a water bottle that makes you happy, and you’ll never forget to carry it with you. A well insulated bottle can help keep your water cool, too!
  2. Eat your waterMany fruits and vegetables are full of water! While you can’t replace drinking water with a diet rich in fruits and veggies, they’re a great way to add even more hydration to your daily intake. Watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, and radishes are just a few foods that can help you stay hydrated.
  3. Mix your flavors upThere’s nothing quite as refreshing as a tall glass of water, but sometimes you’re just craving a different flavor. It’s natural! Switch up your water by adding things like lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, or a variety of fruits. Natural flavors from fruits and vegetables can make that refreshing glass of water even more of a treat!
  4. Go easy on the caffeine At parties and gatherings, it’s always tempting to reach for a soda or a sweetened sugary drink. Caffeinated drinks, though, are no replacement for water when it comes to the hydration your body craves. In fact, coffee and some sodas are actually mild diuretics, so you could be losing more water than you realize! Play it safe and opt for good ol’ H2O.
  5. Make sure you’re getting your electrolytes When you sweat, you lose water but you also lose electrolytes. Electrolytes help regulate us and help us retain the water we consume. If you’re sweating a lot this summer, turn to coconut water, natural orange juice, or electrolyte tablets to keep you hydrated and going strong.