What if I told you that you could get fit through an exercise program that’s effective, simple, and best of all, totally free?

Let’s go for a walk! According to a significant amount of research, walking is the key to preventing heart disease down the road. Here in Atlanta, we are lucky to have tons of paths, trails and parks perfect for walking. (The views aren’t bad either!)

The fact is, most of us spend too much time sitting down. Going for a walk each day boosts your health in myriad ways, from improving cholesterol, reducing depression and mental stress, lowering blood pressure, aiding in weight management, and reducing inflammation. When combined, all these benefits work together to lower your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attack.

Need some motivation to go for a walk? Here’s some ideas to get you started:
Get an accountability buddy, like a friend or family member, to walk with you.
Take your dog, or a friend’s dog. Pups need exercise just like us!
Download an exciting audiobook or find a new podcast you can’t stop listening to.
Think of walking as a time for meditation, where you can clear your busy mind.
Get a FitBit or another wearable exercise tracker and watch the steps stack up.
Keep a walking journal and at the end of the month, see how many miles you earned.
Reward yourself at the end of a long walk, maybe with a meal at a neighborhood restaurant or a cup of tea with a friend.

Walking can transform your health and once you get in the habit of it, I know you’ll find a day without a good walk just doesn’t feel complete. Let’s get out there and get fit for free! See you on the walking trails!